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Accessing the Akashic Records – An Insight to Your Past, Present & Future

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Imagine a library that has no limits… Imagine its shelves filled with countless books with countless pages… Imagine it, being in a sacred place that no man can access physically or see with physical eyes, but still it is there. It is there as a reality that exists beyond space and time and it’s made up with pure, divine light. A light that no earthly being can sense under a 3D vision but still can experience and be part of it through the power of its subconscious mind, and its spiritual existence.This is the eternal creation of the Akashic Records.

The word “akashic” derives from the Sanskrit word “Akasha” which means “ether” or “boundless space” or “primary substance”. These records are formed by the written journey of every individual soul since the beginning of this planet and are also known as the Book of Life or The Book of Remembrance. Every thought, every word, every action of the individual and his interactions with the rest of the creation, throughout its many incarnations and sojourns on this planet are registered on these etheric pages. It’s where one can find the past, present and future of every living being.

It has been compared as the world wide web and the countless of individual websites. Through the internet everyone is able to access his / hers own website or the other people’s websites, however, only we can alter our own website. In the same way the akashic records are not static books but made by interactive pages, with an ongoing creative stimulus upon the present. A person is able through the power of free will to consciously or subconsciously re-write its history and also change its potential future direction.

The Akashic Records are not actual books or scrolls -though many people see them as such when they access them – but they are actually an energetic vibration. It is this energy vibration that translates into images, forms, symbols, imagery, and language that the mind can understand.

There has been a reference to the akashic records and the Book of Life by many old civilizations, cultures and religions. It goes back to the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Phoenicians and the Hebrews. Information on the Book of Life we can find in the Old and New Testaments (i.e. Exodus 32:32, Psalm 139, Philippians 4). In our more recent history, there is a mention and channeled information from the founder of Theosophical Society& Madam Blavatsky (1831 – 1891) and the founder of the Anthroposophical Society Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925). However, the most extensive source of information regarding the Akashic Records comes form the clairvoyant work of Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945).

Cayce was a Christian mystic and founder of the Association for Research and Enlightenment & Inc. In his 43 years of work he was able to document hundreds of readings written in books or tapes. When asked about the source of his information, Cayce mentioned that there were mainly two: the subconscious mind of the individual he was reading and the akashic records. Amongst other, he has stated about the records: As it has been often called, the records is God’s Book of Remembrance; and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world- either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity’s application of self towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportunity and the expression of that which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretation then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness”.

In this last comment lies the basic foundation and intent in the whole process of opening one’s akashic records. Although we all do have glimpses of some aspects that have been written in our records – through our dreams or unexpected feelings, senses, images or knowingness – one can have the ability of accessing his / her akashic records through a process of hypnosis, past- life imaginative reverie, meditation, or through the help of a psychic reader. Moreover, one can be taught and be mentored on how to develop his /hers psychic abilities, intuition and receive information from their own records. Depending on who the reader is and their special characteristics and abilities, the information can be received through sensing, seeing, hearing or inner knowing.

Although the akashic records were written as if you were to write something with pen on paper as realistically as everything has taken place, every reader has a different level of ability to perceive, perceives the information from a different perspective than someone else and interprets the information based on his /her understanding, knowledge, belief system, intents, purposes, fears and expectations. Moreover, when it comes to future predictions, a reader can only see the most possible future potential, based on the past and the present, as the future is not predestined, but is continuously being formed through the free will and free choice all of us have.

However, there is great validity in being able to access our akashic records, as the intent is not to merely know things of our past births and what the future holds for us. The intent is to receive insight which will help us progress in our inner journey as well as our life’s journey, become better people and create a better life for us and those around us, through divine guidance and direction.

We can never become sure if what we perceive from our records is 100% accurate – although many times we are offered validations – but if the information resonates with us and is helping us become a better person or create a better living, is it most likely worth considering, accepting and following.

An Akashic Records reading can bring the guidance we need in our life to work through present problems, it can allow us to see the opportunities we need for growth, direction, creativity, and joy. In addition, an Akashic Records reading can bring peace and understanding to current day illnesses, grief, and suffering. Moreover, it can help us sort out difficult or major life transitions; it can bring clarity to our thought processes or, help us to see the problem from an angle we have not considered.

Questions that are often asked include: what is my soul’s purpose; what is my mission for this life; Am I on the right path; am I in the right relationship; am I in the right job or profession;how can I heal; which are the blockages that prevent me to heal or progress; and questions which require deeper understanding on various karmic issues.

Knowing what we had been in the past would only be of importance if during those times we took advantage of the opportunities that laid before us in coming closer to our divine origins. In other words, the importance would be, not in what an individual we were in the past but, what an individual we are becoming now. The way that at present the akashic records reveal information – even that from past births – is based on this intent of providing the individual with those possibilities that where taken, not taken and would be of benefit to be taken at present and / or in the future.

The method of accessing the akashic records should be used with the greatest of respect and reverence and with the intent of empowering the individual and not creating co-dependencies.

Now at a time we are living moments of great spiritual evolution, enlightenment and revelations, we are able to better and quicker develop our insight and access information which were not available to us before. We are also able to have the ability not only to open our akashic records and those of others, but we can do so with the presence of our higher self, divine beings, angels, guides and ascended masters. We are able to create and be in that highly evolved energetic space where the experience is so unique, beautiful and extraordinary that one can only experience benefit from it.

Although Cayce had to take himself in a state of self-hypnosis and trance, at present it is not necessary to do this to access the akashic records. Although a creation of a quite and clear space and a quite and clear mind would be very helpful, the akashic records can be opened through a sacred prayer, where one can state specific questions and be able to receive a response in any means, and be able to interpret it as clearly and objective as possible.

One needs to trust the self and what is received, to trust their inner gut feelings and intuition. Self – confidence plays a major role in this process, and self -confidence comes through practice and even with validations and guidance of an experienced mentor / akashic records reader.

Accessing the akashic records can be an amazing journey of deep and valuable insight, of spiritual teaching and personal transformation and growth. This potential and this ability is a great self empowering tool which helps us re-claim our power, re-discover our self, re-evaluate our life and re-write our history.

It gives us the opportunity for healing and personal growth. In our present time frame, accessing the akashic records is not a privilege of the few. Any person is able – if he / she should wish – to re-awaken his/ her ability to access his/her book of life and claim control of his / her past, present and future.

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Tips for Presentation Success

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There is only one way to ensure your message is heard and accepted by an audience and that is effective delivery. Your message must be articulate and have a path for a carefully crafted message.

Audience Knowledge – Become acquainted with your audience by conducting due diligence. Determine their wants and needs so that you hone into their thoughts. Understanding needs ensures the tenor of your message is congruent with what they want to hear. Use surveys and questionnaires if possible.

Rehearse – Nothing quells fear than familiarity. Never memorize but know your content and your delivery. Having 80% ensures success. Do not strive for perfection, that comes from having a conversation and speaking from your heart and your mind.

Over Preparation – Under preparation is poor, yet over preparation is the kiss of death. Know your content yet refrain from repeating stilted words and phrases.

Difficult People – True, they exist, however no audience wants you to fail. Be concerned with those that are attend to hear your message and desire information.

PowerPoint – Microsoft’s powerful product is meant as a tool to enhance performance not a replacement. Use only when necessary to exemplify required information.

Audience Engagement – Research with over 3000 individuals suggests that adults abhor show and tell and desire participation. Questions, exercises, skill practice, and other tools to engage and offer audience stimuli help to engage and add to presentation success.

Process Visuals – If you need to illustrate data use a flip chart, today’s audience desires low tech. Audiences desire conversations not lectures.

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Commercial Real Estate – What is the Present Status?

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U.S. Real estate markets are not so-healthy as they were for decades. First the residential property sector was plagued by the foreclosure crisis and is yet to recover from the devastation. Arising out of the foreclosure crisis, there were many cyclic reactions in the financial market. The cash-crunch spread fast to other areas of financial activities – like auto loans; credit card purchases; hotel room occupancy; business revenues in shopping malls; renting office complexes and so on. Commercial new construction projects were either put off or abandoned totally, aggravating unemployment problem etc.

The commercial real estate market is inevitably inter-related with all the above businesses. As such the depletion in business revenues is reflected in foreclosure of commercial properties also. How? For example, if a big hotel losses heavily on revenue by the non-occupancy of its rooms, ultimately financial commitments, including the mortgage repayments get hard-hit. The situation of default in mortgage repayment, consecutively for months, eventually leads to foreclosure and distress sale of the commercial property concerned. Needless to mention a distress sale will bring the market value of the property deep down.

Which branch of commercial properties is most affected? We have come across news reports about the commercial foreclosures – particularly in the hotel sector – the affected hotels of luxury located in the tourist industry hot-spots of Las Vegas in Nevada, Florida, and California etc.

What is strikingly different in residential foreclosures and commercial foreclosures is – when a residential property is foreclosed, the amount in loss of money is about few thousands of dollars, whereas in a commercial foreclosure, the amount involved runs into millions of dollars.

It is for this reason, the lending institutions extending financial supports for commercial property projects are dragging their feet in coming forward to extend new loans. In the situations of default and foreclosure also, they are not rushing into the decision of foreclosure of the property immediately, but consider all possible alternative outlets and compromises with the borrowers.

Obviously, rather than individuals, mostly institutions and LLCs are involved in commercial foreclosures and in dire situations of foreclosures, they tend to select the insolvency route, to escape foreclosures.

In this context, it is pertinent to take into consideration what the experts in the Industry say about the present status of commercial property sector and foreclosures. While the predictions about the future of commercial real estate vary from person to person, there is unanimity among them about the density of the problem of commercial foreclosures, presently.

According to James Lockhart, vice chair of WL Ross & Co. New York, there are a lot of distressed commercial properties facing foreclosures with small commercial banks as of date. The problem institutions holding commercial properties in their business have increased to 775, whereas there were only 50 of them, just a few years back.

The impact of commercial foreclosures has led to closing of financial institutions in huge numbers. Of a total of 8,000 U.S. banks dealing in commercial property finances, already 250 have been closed; 1300 banks have been advised by the regulators, to reduce concentration of Commercial Real Estate property loans; and many of them are expecting closure or taken by stronger competitors.

However, in the Real Estate industry circles, it is reported that in a “Sentiment Survey” conducted among 100 senior real estate personnel by the Real Estate Round Table, during the second quarter of this year, 82% of the participants expressed satisfaction that the commercial real estate market is better than last year.

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Online Life Coaching – Doors Only Open When You’re Present

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When you concern yourself only with what’s happening Now, you free your mind from the ego and the constant projecting of what may happen in the future and what has happened in the past. Most of the egoic mind-based thoughts are rooted in what may or may not happen in the so-called “future” as well as what has already occurred in the so-called “past.”

The only true reality that you need to concern your Self with what is in the Now. You may want to ask yourself, how many problems to I have right now? Well, unless you’re being mauled by a tiger while you’re reading this, the only honest answer is to say, “I don’t have any problems right now.” After considering this for a while, you begin to realize that most of our problems never exist because they are always in the future. Very few problems ever make it into the Now.

Now, this does mean that we shouldn’t prepare for what may happen in the future. However, if you live in the future, you will be ignoring what is happening in the Now. And if you’re ignoring what is happening in the Now, you’re ignoring life. You are saying “no” to life, “no” to the present, and “no” to what is. When you ignore life, you are closing the blinds on the light that’s trying to shine in and give you guidance for the future. When you stop worrying about what may be happening in the future and focus all of your attention on what is happening right Now, you will find that the universe will present a solution for your so-called “problems.”

Solutions to the problems that you’ve made up in your head may come in many forms. They may come in the form of a creative thought. Or, they may come in the way of another person such as a family member, a counselor, or a friend. They could also come in the way of something that you do, for example, you may be on the internet and find a site or a link that leads you in a totally new direction. Doors can only open for you when you are open. Opening your mind to new possibilities is the key to discovering what the universe has in store for you. It all stems from a place of stillness.

Being restless and resisting what life is showing you only postpones your misery. Be still, and know that you are a divine being. This is the first step toward freedom from worry, anxiety, stress, and depression. Healers and teachers tend to appear on the scene out of nowhere when you are completely present and open to life. This is the beginning of personal transformation.

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Presentations in Mobile Fleet Washing Sales

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We sure hear a lot about business presentations and all the high-tech tools that people use when pitching their ideas, concepts or business propositions. Recently we have seen on the Donald Trump “Apprentice” Television Series and Martha Stewart reality TV program young entrepreneurial type teams vying for the business and we have seen presentations as the way to pitch their sales to clients.

We have watched some disasters as well as some very good business presentations using high-tech devices, video and storyboards. But what if you were in a low-tech business and had to give a business presentation worth $50,000 per month in business? Well, I have been in the mobile fleet cleaning business for 27 years and given many business presentations during that period and before computers even existed. And it is amazing what a low-tech business can do in anl on-site demonstration of services and pitching their services while showing the customer exactly what you can do.

When giving a business presentation to a large company with a fleet of vehicles it is necessary to do a demonstration and much of the presentation visualization comes from a clean cut crew, immaculate equipment and a rehearsed routine that flows naturally. The perfect truck wash if you will. It can be done and if you practice it; you can do it perfectly every time and it impresses customers and often will get you will work even if you’re not the lowest cost in the market. Please consider this in 2006.

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Chocolate Cheer – Present Buying For Those That Have it All

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For kids, Christmas and birthdays are very exciting times – not only are they the centre of attention for the day, but they tend to get lavished with presents too.

However, the excitement of receiving presents tends to diminish the older we get, which may be partly to do with the inherent cynicism that comes with getting old, but it’s also because the older we get the more things we have and hence the harder it is to buy presents for.

Indeed, when people reach earning-age, they tend to buy the things they really want themselves, which means it’s time to get creative and start thinking outside the box when it comes to present-buying.

An increasingly popular gift option for hard-to-buy-for adults is ‘experiences’ – which could be a day at the races, sailing lessons or a day of pampering at a spa resort. The beauty of such gifts is that they’re not the sort of things people are likely to buy for themselves, which means they are usually received very gratefully.

There are a myriad of other thoughtful gifts available too, things that some people may not even know exist. For example, you can buy a beautifully bound newspaper from the day someone was born, or you could even name a star after a loved one on their special day. Or for those who really are extra difficult to please and don’t believe in ‘wasting’ money on presents, you can donate some money to a good cause in their name.

Some things people never get bored with. Flowers, orchards, perfumes, chocolates…anybody that receives any of these on a special occasion – or at any time – will undoubtedly be thrilled to bits.

Chocolate gifts in particular always go down a storm with men and women alike. Special champagne/chocolate box-sets are a great idea, whilst a tin of assorted chocolates is likely to please anyone with even a hint of a sweet tooth.

There are presents for every occasion and whilst some people are harder to buy for than others, it’s never impossible to come up with a good gift idea. Sometimes a little creativity will be needed, other times it may be necessary to get back to basics with a classic ‘flowers and chocolates’ combination.

As the old saying goes, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, and regardless of what you buy for a loved one on their special occasion, they’ll most likely be grateful.

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How Quality Real Estate Professionals CLOSE A Listing Presentation

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Some homeowners merely select their real estate agent, based on factors, such as friendship, relationships, etc, while the preferable way, should be, to do so, based on which agent, might best suit their needs, and professionally get their homes sold, while achieving priorities, such as receiving the highest available price, in the shortest possible period of time, and with a minimum of hassle/ stress. It might be beneficial, both to prospective sellers, as well as to agents, to review, in a basic, mnemonic – based manner, how one might CLOSE a listing presentation. Remember, it’s generally not only about how one presents his case, or ideas, but rather, how effectively, and if, one asks for the listing, in a response – focused manner!

1. Clarify; comfort; cooperate; commissions; choice: Begin by realizing, for most people, their home is their single, biggest, and most valuable asset. Combine that, with the fact, the home – selling process is often an emotional, even a roller coaster, scenario. In addition, in a number of instances, there is considerable competition for a listing. Therefore, professional, quality agents seek to clarify ideas, etc, rather than to complicate. They understand what their potential client might be undergoing, and proceed in a comforting way. They explain the entire process, as a team effort, and how agent and homeowner must work together and cooperate. Never fall into the trap, of enticing a listing, by dangling lower commissions, etc, but rather, justify, demonstrate, and prove, to your potential client’s satisfaction, you are more than worth your fee! Finally, explain your function is to advice and assist, and provide choices, and suggestions!

2. Listen; learn: As in any type of selling, an effective listing presentation, must focus on benefits, rather than raw data, be interactive, and the homeowner should be allowed to dominate much of the conversation. Great agents will listen effectively, in order to learn what his potential client is concerned with, needs, and perceives. Only by doing this, and taking mental notes, will an agent be able to effectively convince someone, to give him the listing.

3. Options; opportunities; order: Don’t assume a homeowner fully understands what to expect, merely because he may be a leader or titan, in his particular industry or profession. Be proud you are the professional, and demonstrate it, by explaining options and opportunities, and the careful order, in which homes are effectively marketed.

4. Strength; seek; solve: Are you a complainer, or a solver? Will you provide the necessary strength, throughout this often – stressful period? How will you convey that to a potential client? How will you, and the homeowner, seek the best, individualized solutions?

5. Examine; empathy; earn: Examine every aspect, without opening up a Pandora’s Box? Make the presentation about the homeowner, and what you can do, to benefit and assist them, rather than emphasizing how wonderful you believe you are, by patting yourself on the back! Earn their respect, and you’ll earn the listing!

All of these steps are important, needed, and often essential, but until/ unless you actually ask for the listing, you won’t get it! Confidently proceed, and CLOSE, by getting the homeowner, to sign, on the proverbial, dotted line!

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Perfect Your Presentation Skills — Practice with Live Audiences

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You feel you are ready as a speaker. To truly practice your skills, you still need to find live audiences to present to. In this article I suggest some alternatives.

Contact groups that have weekly and monthly meetings and are in need of speakers. There are Kiwanis Clubs, Jaycees, Chambers of Commerce, and a plethora of organizations and associations who are looking for good speakers who will speak for free (or for dinner). Once you have picked an interesting topic and presented it well at a meeting of one of these groups, you will start getting calls from others who have heard about you. They are not expecting an incredible speaker, so when you do an excellent job, they will be delighted.

Make sure you find out how much time will be allotted for your presentation because most of these groups have a special timeline for their meetings. Oftentimes, these engagements can lead to paid speaking in the future, but don’t present for that reason. You are there to give them a powerful presentation that serves them in some way.

Becoming a member of the local Chamber of Commerce’s Speakers’ Bureau, I was given lots of chances to speak. When we asked Clevelanders to vote for a “sin tax” to help finance our new baseball stadium I spoke on the benefits. After the tax passed, I realized that a lot of groups would be interested in hearing more details of what would be taking place in the future with the stadium, so created my own presentation with blessings from the stadium group. I learned how to deal with hostile audiences (there were those who had voted against the tax), question and answer sessions, and how to create meaningful visual aids.

Look into Continuing Education opportunities. Many school systems, recreation centers and community colleges offer Continuing Education classes. Most are willing to try a new offering in their brochure. I have found this to be a perfect way to test the popularity of a topic and to also put together a winning workshop. One two-night workshop that I still give on a regular basis and one that always fills up is called “Discover Your Core Passion.”

I feel that the way you write up the description can make or break the signups. For example: “What is your Personal Mission? We are all familiar with goal setting, but how do you set goals if you don’t know what it is you want? In this class you will learn techniques, principles and exercises to uncover your core passion, to define your personal mission and devise a workable plan for accomplishing it.” I have met some of the most wonderful people in these classes, been hired by many of them for presentations, and have discovered my core passion!

There are more opportunities than you can imagine. And I am sure you can think of many more than I have mentioned.

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How To Give The Most Motivating, Effective Presentation: An 8-Step Approach

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Wouldn’t you expect, since so many individuals give numerous speeches and presentations, that there would be higher quality, better, more relevant ones, than what we often witness? In my over three decades of giving public speeches and presentations, I have nearly always begun, by stating, “Others might say to sit back, relax and enjoy. However, I want you to focus, learn, and feel, that after our time together, you’re convinced it was time well spent.” What good is any public speaking, until, and unless, it leads others to care more, get more involved, and make some degree of personal changes, for the better? If you are going to speak, here are my suggestions for giving the most motivating, effective presentation, using these key, eight steps.

1. Know your audience: Do your homework, so you clearly know, and appreciate, who you are presenting to, and what their focus, needs and priorities might be. Begin with a connection that is relevant, inspiring, and useful, and you begin, at an advantage.

2. Preview at the onset: After your brief welcome and introduction, give the group a preview, or agenda, of what you are going to touch on. Let them know what your policy is regarding taking questions, i.e. will you take them throughout, or merely at specified times? Stick to these key points, and involve the group effectively, throughout.

3. Compelling introduction: What are you going to say, which might enhance some aspect of those attendees? Get right to it, in a compelling, meaningful, relevant and empathetic way! Make the entire process as interactive as possible, avoid being boring, observe the laws of body language (yours, as well as the group), etc. Every great speaker realizes that he only has one opportunity to make a first impression, so focus on getting them, from the onset!

4. Bullet points; interactive: Using visual aids, list the main crux of each point, and review them, carefully and to the satisfaction of others. Avoid the trap of believing that certain things can be glossed over, because they are obvious to you. What’s obvious to you, is often not so, to others? Know when something requires more time and attention, versus, others, which might need mentioning, but less emphasis!

5. Seek involvement/acknowledgment: Get the group involved proactively. The more interactive you can make it, the better. Obviously, this often depends on the size, type, demographics, etc, of the group, as well as the shape, etc, of the room. Consider your body language and optimize it, make eye contact, ask questions which elicit responses, etc. Acknowledge the groups, both as a group, as well as making contact directly with as many individuals as possible.

6. Use visual materials/aids: Whether you use a Power Point presentation, or other visual aids, using the combination of these materials, alongside your oral presentation, helps the process. Remember that some individuals are oral, while others are visual learners! Make as much contact as possible!

7. Slowly, clearly, but, with energy: Nearly everyone has a tendency to speak far more quickly, to a group, than they think they are! Consciously take your time, speak as clearly and effectively as possible, but maintain the highest level of energy, etc. Energize the group, and they will energize you, and make you more effective and compelling!

8. Make, and take time, for Questions and Answers: If you’ve done the job you hoped to, others will want even more information, etc. Appear, and be, truly approachable, and caring!

Giving a great presentation begins with your personal attitude and preparation! Use these eight steps to enhance your possibilities.

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Feeling at Ease – Coping With Presentation Nerves

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Even the most experienced public speaker will still feel the butterflies aflutter before a big presentation. Nerves are an important part of our instincts – and they help drive us to perform at our best. Nevertheless, if your stomach is doing the major flips and flops before your big speech, here are some ideas on how to calm your nerves before you take the stand:

Go ahead and be nervous

Worrying about worrying is just plain silly – and a little bit of nerves will help you feel energized and helps your presentation come alive. Accept your nervousness and use it effectively rather than trying to stifle your feelings, which can make your speech seem dull and lethargic.


Take a deep breath, take many of them. Breathing gives life to the cells in your body and will help you relax. Breathing also ensures you keep a steady pace throughout your presentation – it’ll help you slow down and speak more clearly.

Pace yourself

Go slower than you think you need to. It will allow your audience more time to absorb and interpret the information you’ve presented and it also gives you the ability to collect your thoughts and think about what comes next. Preparing for the next step is an essential part of maintaining a calm and controlled exterior.

Hold on to something

Having something in your hands helps you feel more grounded and centered. A minimal amount of fiddling won’t impact the effectiveness of your presentation and can help calm you down. Take something simple along that won’t be distracting (avoid clicking pens!).

Be Yourself

Trust yourself and your management training to deliver a successful business presentation – don’t try and be someone else. Communicate in the manner you’re used to – words and expressions that aren’t yours come out sounding artificial and awkward and will increase your level of discomfort.

Boost your confidence with a quick brush up on your presentation skills. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – practice making presentations to smaller groups before you tackle larger audiences. Practice really does make perfect and the more experienced you become, the easier it’ll be to work your audience and feel at ease.

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