Favor Presentation Ideas

Presentation as well as the favor itself should reflect you as a couple. Thoughtfulness and creativity can speak volumes.

Here are a few presentation ideas for your favors to get you started:

- Favor Boxes! They come in many colours and shapes these days. Decorate with a pretty ribbon, bow, tag or stickers. Making the favor boxes look beautiful will show your guests you took your time and care.

- Personalize It! Make your favours personal by using personalized ribbon or hand printing your name and wedding date. A personal message on the tag can also be a nice added touch.

- Make Them Functional! Taking advantage of using one favor for two purposes that can save money and time. For example, Place Card Holders that are also Frames are a great idea for your guests to take home.

- Place all your favors into a basket and leave it at the front door of the reception so that your guests can take one before entering the hall. Or better still, as a couple take the basket full of favors and distribute them to your guests while thanking them at the same time for sharing in your event.

- Another fun idea is to hang your favors from the chairs. This is a unique way of showcasing your favors. And it’s also a great way to dress up those reception chairs.

- Having children at the event? Children love being helpful, why not give them a basket filled with your favors and have them visit each table. Just make sure they get to all your guests.

- Favor Trees! These are great for a winter wedding table centerpiece. If the winter theme is over, you can always consider a potted plant. Something light weight so that you can hang them from the tree, such as bookmarks. Your guests can then untie the favor from the tree at the end of the night.

Whatever you choose, always remember to keep your guests in mind, so that each favor given, will be a fond memory of your wedding day.

Did you know……A bomboniere was fashioned of crystal, porcelain or gold and often encrusted with precious stones. The delicate boxes held confectionery delicacies, at a time when sugar was quite expensive. Sugar was also highly valued by all, as it was believed to have medicinal benefits.

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