How Quality Real Estate Professionals CLOSE A Listing Presentation

Some homeowners merely select their real estate agent, based on factors, such as friendship, relationships, etc, while the preferable way, should be, to do so, based on which agent, might best suit their needs, and professionally get their homes sold, while achieving priorities, such as receiving the highest available price, in the shortest possible period of time, and with a minimum of hassle/ stress. It might be beneficial, both to prospective sellers, as well as to agents, to review, in a basic, mnemonic – based manner, how one might CLOSE a listing presentation. Remember, it’s generally not only about how one presents his case, or ideas, but rather, how effectively, and if, one asks for the listing, in a response – focused manner!

1. Clarify; comfort; cooperate; commissions; choice: Begin by realizing, for most people, their home is their single, biggest, and most valuable asset. Combine that, with the fact, the home – selling process is often an emotional, even a roller coaster, scenario. In addition, in a number of instances, there is considerable competition for a listing. Therefore, professional, quality agents seek to clarify ideas, etc, rather than to complicate. They understand what their potential client might be undergoing, and proceed in a comforting way. They explain the entire process, as a team effort, and how agent and homeowner must work together and cooperate. Never fall into the trap, of enticing a listing, by dangling lower commissions, etc, but rather, justify, demonstrate, and prove, to your potential client’s satisfaction, you are more than worth your fee! Finally, explain your function is to advice and assist, and provide choices, and suggestions!

2. Listen; learn: As in any type of selling, an effective listing presentation, must focus on benefits, rather than raw data, be interactive, and the homeowner should be allowed to dominate much of the conversation. Great agents will listen effectively, in order to learn what his potential client is concerned with, needs, and perceives. Only by doing this, and taking mental notes, will an agent be able to effectively convince someone, to give him the listing.

3. Options; opportunities; order: Don’t assume a homeowner fully understands what to expect, merely because he may be a leader or titan, in his particular industry or profession. Be proud you are the professional, and demonstrate it, by explaining options and opportunities, and the careful order, in which homes are effectively marketed.

4. Strength; seek; solve: Are you a complainer, or a solver? Will you provide the necessary strength, throughout this often – stressful period? How will you convey that to a potential client? How will you, and the homeowner, seek the best, individualized solutions?

5. Examine; empathy; earn: Examine every aspect, without opening up a Pandora’s Box? Make the presentation about the homeowner, and what you can do, to benefit and assist them, rather than emphasizing how wonderful you believe you are, by patting yourself on the back! Earn their respect, and you’ll earn the listing!

All of these steps are important, needed, and often essential, but until/ unless you actually ask for the listing, you won’t get it! Confidently proceed, and CLOSE, by getting the homeowner, to sign, on the proverbial, dotted line!

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