Online Life Coaching – Doors Only Open When You’re Present

When you concern yourself only with what’s happening Now, you free your mind from the ego and the constant projecting of what may happen in the future and what has happened in the past. Most of the egoic mind-based thoughts are rooted in what may or may not happen in the so-called “future” as well as what has already occurred in the so-called “past.”

The only true reality that you need to concern your Self with what is in the Now. You may want to ask yourself, how many problems to I have right now? Well, unless you’re being mauled by a tiger while you’re reading this, the only honest answer is to say, “I don’t have any problems right now.” After considering this for a while, you begin to realize that most of our problems never exist because they are always in the future. Very few problems ever make it into the Now.

Now, this does mean that we shouldn’t prepare for what may happen in the future. However, if you live in the future, you will be ignoring what is happening in the Now. And if you’re ignoring what is happening in the Now, you’re ignoring life. You are saying “no” to life, “no” to the present, and “no” to what is. When you ignore life, you are closing the blinds on the light that’s trying to shine in and give you guidance for the future. When you stop worrying about what may be happening in the future and focus all of your attention on what is happening right Now, you will find that the universe will present a solution for your so-called “problems.”

Solutions to the problems that you’ve made up in your head may come in many forms. They may come in the form of a creative thought. Or, they may come in the way of another person such as a family member, a counselor, or a friend. They could also come in the way of something that you do, for example, you may be on the internet and find a site or a link that leads you in a totally new direction. Doors can only open for you when you are open. Opening your mind to new possibilities is the key to discovering what the universe has in store for you. It all stems from a place of stillness.

Being restless and resisting what life is showing you only postpones your misery. Be still, and know that you are a divine being. This is the first step toward freedom from worry, anxiety, stress, and depression. Healers and teachers tend to appear on the scene out of nowhere when you are completely present and open to life. This is the beginning of personal transformation.

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