Present Your Financial Goal to God and Start Tithing

Today, I will let you on a secret that not many financial planning experts will tell you.

Let me start by giving you a brief history.

As a Christian, I have a very good relationship with the Lord and although some of you may disagree but I am proud to say He has fully blessed my financial life because we are good friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a preacher or a priest (although when I was young I wanted to be one) but I firmly believe that there is really a higher power out there that really loves us unconditionally. Because of that of love, he helps us cope with our problems, gives us great families who also love us unconditionally, he gives us a way in difficult situations, he makes us smile in simplest ways, and He gives us ENORMOUS WEALTH.

Yet many people have really forgotten how our Father truly loves us. So we tend to focus on our problems, our failing business ventures, our nagging wife, the new luxurious car of our neighbor that we envy….. So we end up being miserable and always needy for a lot of things.

Personally, I think all we need is to understand how our Father truly loves us.

As it is written in the bible, there were many instances that our Father tested the prophets and even our brother and savior Jesus. But to all who followed His will, they were blessed enormously.

Believe me, God really wants to bless you enormously in all aspects of our life. In fact, I even believe that He truly wants to bless you more by giving you a lot of money. (yes, you read it right. MONEY). Why you ask? Because if we have more than enough, we can give even more.

So here’s how it really works…

To receive God’s enormous flow of blessings be a SPONGE and not a STONE.

Imagine God’s blessings takes the form of a rain. Then God started pouring blessings in your life but apparently you are a “stone-person” and you repel all the rain (blessings) that are coming at you. Now, imagine that you’re a “sponge-person”. Right there and then when God poured rain (blessings) you absorb everything because you are a “sponge-person”.

What is a “stone-person” and a “sponge-person”?

To put it simply, a “stone-person” is a person who only cares about himself. He is shrewd and only wants to benefit himself and be alone. A “sponge-person” on the other hand, is a sharing and generous person. He understands that when he gives more, he receives more.

Try doing this.

Get a handful of rice and close your fist tightly. Then slowly try to pour more rice into it. Yes, not much rice will enter your hand. In fact, since you are pressing your hand very hard, some of the rice inside your hand slowly spills outside until you are stuck with the full capacity that your hand can only accommodate.

Let’s do another method.

Get another handful of rice, but this time don’t close it tightly. Instead make a hole above enough for it to flow when you pour it. Now call your kids and ask them to open their hands, form like a bowl. Then slowly pour 10% of what you have to their hands.

What happened to the handful of rice in your hand? It’s not full anymore, right? So you then go back to the sack of rice and fill up your hand again. This time ask more members of your family to open their hands and pour 10% to each of them. Repeat the process until you have filled up all the hands of everyone in your household.

Now think. How were you able to fill everyone’s hand with rice?

By opening a hole in your hands and sharing 10% of it to your household, right? This is the analogy of being a “sponge-person”. You absorb more of God’s blessings because you are not filled up to the brim, because you give a portion of what you have, and in return, you are always open to more blessings.

Being a “sponge-person” has greater effects than you think. Notice that you are always blessed but in addition to that, by sharing a portion of what you have you are also a blessing to a lot of people. Hence, you are creating a butterfly effect. A butterfly effect is making little consistent changes that eventually leads to a HUGE difference.

Through the little portion that you give every month you are actually changing the community.

Just like my rice example. You started giving 10% of what you have and ended up filling everybody’s hands with rice. That 10% portion you gave at the start actually makes a HUGE difference wherein it slowly fills everybody’s hands with rice. Hence, when you give and share what you have, you are actually helping many people’s lives. (I believe, if only every human being in the world knew how to share that 10% of what they have, there will be no country that would be suffering from hunger.)

Now to my financial planning guide lesson.

It is not enough to set a financial goal and present it to God. You have to be a “sponge-person” to reach your financial goal.


Start by giving and opening yourself up to more blessing from God. The exact term of this is tithing. Present your financial goal to God then commit to Him that you are going to give 10% of what you earn every month.You can either start by giving your monthly 10% to your nearest church or a non government community that needs additional funds for their projects. Just by following this financial planning guide lesson alone, you will never go broke in your life again.

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