Presentations in Mobile Fleet Washing Sales

We sure hear a lot about business presentations and all the high-tech tools that people use when pitching their ideas, concepts or business propositions. Recently we have seen on the Donald Trump “Apprentice” Television Series and Martha Stewart reality TV program young entrepreneurial type teams vying for the business and we have seen presentations as the way to pitch their sales to clients.

We have watched some disasters as well as some very good business presentations using high-tech devices, video and storyboards. But what if you were in a low-tech business and had to give a business presentation worth $50,000 per month in business? Well, I have been in the mobile fleet cleaning business for 27 years and given many business presentations during that period and before computers even existed. And it is amazing what a low-tech business can do in anl on-site demonstration of services and pitching their services while showing the customer exactly what you can do.

When giving a business presentation to a large company with a fleet of vehicles it is necessary to do a demonstration and much of the presentation visualization comes from a clean cut crew, immaculate equipment and a rehearsed routine that flows naturally. The perfect truck wash if you will. It can be done and if you practice it; you can do it perfectly every time and it impresses customers and often will get you will work even if you’re not the lowest cost in the market. Please consider this in 2006.

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