Tips for Presentation Success

There is only one way to ensure your message is heard and accepted by an audience and that is effective delivery. Your message must be articulate and have a path for a carefully crafted message.

Audience Knowledge – Become acquainted with your audience by conducting due diligence. Determine their wants and needs so that you hone into their thoughts. Understanding needs ensures the tenor of your message is congruent with what they want to hear. Use surveys and questionnaires if possible.

Rehearse – Nothing quells fear than familiarity. Never memorize but know your content and your delivery. Having 80% ensures success. Do not strive for perfection, that comes from having a conversation and speaking from your heart and your mind.

Over Preparation – Under preparation is poor, yet over preparation is the kiss of death. Know your content yet refrain from repeating stilted words and phrases.

Difficult People – True, they exist, however no audience wants you to fail. Be concerned with those that are attend to hear your message and desire information.

PowerPoint – Microsoft’s powerful product is meant as a tool to enhance performance not a replacement. Use only when necessary to exemplify required information.

Audience Engagement – Research with over 3000 individuals suggests that adults abhor show and tell and desire participation. Questions, exercises, skill practice, and other tools to engage and offer audience stimuli help to engage and add to presentation success.

Process Visuals – If you need to illustrate data use a flip chart, today’s audience desires low tech. Audiences desire conversations not lectures.

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